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Chelsea Seltzer

You Can Brush My Hair

11/11/22 - 12/11/22 

IRL Gallery

15 Monroe St

New York, NY 10002

In You Can Brush My Hair, Seltzer explores themes of consumerism, cultural ideals, and conformity through a pastel candy colored lens. With a painterly use of the airbrush Seltzer creates dreamy images that are both humorous and disquieting. 


The genesis for much of this work was found on eBay images of dolls for sale. These initially benign images are transformed into gallows humor narratives through Seltzer’s adept airbrush work. A doll laid out for display on the floor becomes a girl over-served at a party staring up with blank eyes and a moronic grin, a display of doll accessories becomes a shrine to shopping and the excess of plastic crap we all find ourselves with in 21st century America. 

In Seltzer’s monumental landscape (Dreamscape 2) she borrows the pastel palette found within the dolls vernacular to create a space that is both enchanting and eerie. Like so much of American culture it dazzles with vivid colors, bold tastes and exciting forms but it hides a fetid swamp.

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