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15 Monroe St. NYC, NY 10002

(between Market and Catherine St)



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Gallery Hours: 

Friday - Sunday: 2-6pm 

and by appointment

+ Check our music program for special events


IRL is an art gallery founded in 2020 by Alice Demoëte & Christopher Cerny and is based in NYC's Lower East Side/Two Bridges. 

The gallery is focused on emerging, underrepresented and mid-career artists and is complementing its 10-12 annual exhibitions by an offsite avant-garde & electronic music program that explores the sonic realm as an art form.

IRL Gallery first opened in September 2020 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. After 2 years in its 2000 sqft art-deco location, some 25 art shows and 200 concerts & performances later, IRL relocated to Manhattan.


In September 2022, it opened its current location in the LES/Two Bridges area. The gallery has had the pleasure to offer their NYC debut to many artists, such as: Laust Højgaard, Chun, Gabrielle Graessle, Jonathon Downing, Hawazin Alotaibi, RAMSKO, Mattia Guarnera-McCarthy, EMKI, Laura Limbourg, Dominik Scharfer, Cai Ruei Heng, Douglas de Souza, Laura Weil, among others.

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