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(c) Audrey Melton

IRL Gallery is thrilled to present When It’s Over, Alli Gelles’s debut solo exhibition. The one-day installation will feature ephemeral sculptures made from gum paste, meringue, edible ink, and the sculptor’s signature medium, cake.

In these perishable mediums, Gelles finds freedom in temporality: temporary imperfection, temporary value, temporary control. You must consume the work to fully experience it; the art is destroyed, leaving little behind. Using materials that are constantly at risk for spoiling, the artist explores concepts of value creation and consumption.

About the artist:
Alli Gelles—also known as @cakes4sport—explores themes of consumption, escapism, and dereliction in our modern climate era through a juxtaposition of permanent and perishable sculptures. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, T Magazine, Domino, and VICE.

(c) Audrey Melton
(c) Audrey Melton
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