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05.02.24 - 05.05.24

NADA New York 
548 W 22nd St
New York, NY 10011

Booth P43

Featuring works by:



We are thrilled to announce our participation to NADA NYC's 10th edition with a solo presentation of Anna Ruth's work.

Anna Ruth (b. 1994, Czech Republic) is a multi-disciplinary Czech artist, currently based in Prague. She is a recent graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague where she studied under the supervision of Jiří Petrboek and Martin Gerboc in the Drawing Studio. Her recent solo projects have been presented in Pragovka, Karpuchina Gallery, Hidden Gallery or in the artist-run space Zaazrak Dornych. Her work was also featured in group exhibitions and fairs, such as: Bold Gallery (Prague), Editorial Projects (Vilnius), Sarah Kravitz (London), Prám Studio (Prague).

The environments of her paintings and installations combine a certain timelessness with a strong emphasis on nature, balancing between figuration and abstraction. Her work is characterized by light glaze painting, earthy colours, and fluid transitions between painting and sound. Ruth is also a musician in Prague’s alternative music scene, and often describes her music as the soundtrack to her paintings. She also creates complex installations that materialize the environment of her paintings, an environment in which image and sound can be naturally combined.

Anna Ruth’s work bears the hallmarks of what can be described as contemporary neo-romanticism. It has been defined by her personal mythology, which is eclectically composed of fragments of different cultures. She freely combines real historical events with mythical ones.

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