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IRL is thrilled to present our October group show: LOADED with works by Christina Allan, EMKI, Laura Limbourg, Laust Højgaard, Luke Van H, and Mattia Guarnera.

The works in LOADED playfully channel a Bacchanalian circus, featuring mythical creatures, primitive figures, ghouls, and wrestlers reveling in a hedonic performance. What separates us from the otherworldly, and in what ways do we intersect? Do we all carry a freak within ourselves and how do we handle it? The six artists in the show explore these themes through a variety of mediums, creating an experience that is both entertaining and thought provoking, and prompting questions on human existence; its good, its bad and its ugliest sides.


EMKI’s textured, otherworldly goddesses and warriors take on a human shape, while Mattia Guarnera’s gaze-holding luchadores turn humans into titans. The paintings of Laura Limbourg take on the hedonic, as the figures in the forefront surround themselves with elements of the natural world. Laust Højgaard's boxy paintings contain entire mythological worlds with distorted figures contorting their bodies to fit the canvas. Luke Van H reshapes the everyday and makes it surreal, while Christina Allan combines the comforting familiar with the freakish. The eclectic pieces in Loaded work together to create a world that could only be imagined by artists who see what’s around them simply as an outline for what life can look like.  

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