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Born in 2001, L. Song Wu is a figurative painter originally from Tampa, Florida, currently residing and working in Stanford, California. 

Wu is pursuing a dual major in art and engineering, set to graduate in 2024. Her provocative paintings delve into the interplay between intimacy and alienation, challenging viewers to confront their own sense of belonging. Drawing inspiration from anime, YouTube thumbnails, and the dynamics of female friendships, Wu's meticulously crafted world is both inviting and oppressing.

Wu often explores what it means for her to be an Asian woman in America, showing that the line between “subjecthood” and “objecthood” is often blurred in the romanticized Asian woman. Wu’s work also questions America’s obsession with violence, passion, lust or overconsumption.

Wu was a finalist for the AXA Art Prize 2023 and has exhibited her work with various contemporary art galleries and cultural institutions, such as: IRL Gallery, New Image Art, SOMArts, Stanford University, or Weserhalle. Wu’s forthcoming solo exhibition is set to open in October 2024 at IRL Gallery in NYC.

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