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Theo A. Rosenblum

Just Deserts 

11/11/22 - 12/11/22 

IRL Gallery

15 Monroe St

New York, NY 10002

Theo A. Rosenblum’s Just Deserts is a meditation on mortality and despair. 


Four watercolors in frames made by Rosenblum surround a central sculpture (A Dream Within A Dream) that depicts a vulture eating a snake, that is eating a mouse, that is eating a scorpion. Titled after the Edgar Allan Poe poem this sculpture explores the transitory and illusory nature of life. As the serpent’s coils unwind like the gyri of the brain we understand that all we experience takes place in the mind, with all of its wonders as well as limitations, and reality is just a matter of personal perception.


The desert theme throughout the show reveals the inhospitality of the world and the shifting sands reflect the ever changing nature of our condition. Albeit an insectoid and alien life, even in the desert, life will go on.

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