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Douglas de Souza creates highly figurative, magically flamboyant oil paintings characterised by a saturated, luminous colour palette that reproduces the immaculate sharpness of digital imagery. Using a collage-like approach to composition, the paintings are an amalgamation of different symbols, fantasies, pop culture icons, canonical allegories and an intimate selection of kitsch references. Infusing his canvases with an undeniable sense of excess and seduction, Douglas de Souza’s practice relies on an interplay of everyday symbols that are loaded with collective meaning to look at different stereotypes, particularly those associated with conventional masculinity. The rigid yet easily breakable surface of a porcelain knickknack, the self-fecundating shape of an anthurium’s spathe and spadix, the luscious undulating neck of a glamourous swan, the virile power of the horse and the horsepower of an engine are all brought together to generate a bling-like allure that invites us to reflect on that which can be both frivolous and serious.


Solo exhibitions include Turmoil; at Kupfer Project, in London (2024); Rush Rush, at Good Mother Gallery, in Los Angeles (2023); Domino Dancing, at Gruta Gallery, in São Paulo (2023); and Don’t Rain On My Parade, at IRL Gallery, in New York (2022). His work has been featured in group exhibitions at Paço das Artes Museum in São Paulo (2024); Open Gallery in Long Beach, California (2024); at C.A.M.A Space with Cavalo Gallery, in São Paulo (2023); Wespace Gallery, in Shanghai, (2022); Anita Schwartz Gallery, in Rio de Janeiro (2022); Casa da Luz, in São Paulo (2021 and 2019); Instituto Tomie Othake, in São Paulo (2019); and Atelier 397, in São Paulo, (2019). He has taken part in international art fairs such as Art021 Fair with Wespace Gallery, in Shanghai (2022), and ArtRio, with Galeria Anita Schwartz, in Rio De Janeiro (2022). Was featured at Elle Magazine Brasil (2022) and had a three-month residency at Kupfer Project in London (2023-2024).

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