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Brian Close explores the idea of a gesamtkunstwerk through experimental works combining psychedelic-hypnotic visuals and sound design. In a quest to depict chaos or order, depending on the viewer’s interpretation of the work, the artist merges his formal schooling in mathematics with psychedelia, creating a uniquely immersive all-around experience. Close’s formalized trance imagery is an attempt at understanding the new ways of life in the digital era by bringing in aspects of the natural world in his art.

The complex digital landscape of Brian Close’s work spans across multiple spatial dimensions. Working with rotating projections and prints, he showcases a dizzying collection of varying colors, mercurial substances, and overlapping patterns. There is a digital alchemy at work in Close’s pieces, transcending traditional computer-generated art while maintaining an utterly human influence alongside the mechanical.

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Brian Close was born in 1979 in New York, NY. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in

Mathematics and Computer Science, Close co-founded multiple audio-visual studios focused on psychedelic-hypnotic visuals and sound design, exploring an improvisational and synesthetic approach to content. Through his current studio Georgia, he has released albums on labels such as Palto Flats, Meakusma, Firecracker Recordings, Good Morning Tapes, Youth, OOH-Sounds, and Ekster. He is also featured on monthly broadcasts with NTS Radio, The Lot Radio, and Dub Lab.

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