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10.06.23 - 10.29.23

Opening Reception:

Friday October 6th 6-8pm


IRL Gallery

15 Monroe St 

New York, NY 10002

“Whether we consider Áron Baráth's informal compositions as visual equivalents of musical improvisations, a metaphor for an attempt to cleanse the traditional tableau, or an analogy evoking the blurred surface of a window opening to another dimension, one thing is certain; his paintings reveal much about his profound experience of freedom, which, for him, is most fully realized through creation.”

Schneller János, art historian, art dealer and founder of Resident Art Budapest

IRL Gallery is pleased to present Turbo Folk, an exhibition of new works by Hungarian artist Aron Barath. Aron Barath is best known for his abstract paintings, marked by vibrant colors, irreplicable motions and translucent  brushstrokes. Art historian and art critic Rona Kopeczky describes the artist as a ‘chromatogologue’ and a ‘chromatophone’, handing over his place to the color. The color seems to dictate the gesture, freeing itself from contemporary visual culture or trends. What is left is pure, genuine and truthful: light, substance and color.

In this new body of work, Barath’s pictorial minimalism feels like extreme non-figuration, giving the impression of an immateriality of the paint. The etheral, almost elusive layers seem to be filtering light, only to encapsulate it on the canvas.

Laying his canvases on the floor, Barath uses colors freely, painting with various materials and tools. He mixes himself the water-based paints, and uses a variety of brushes, brooms, sponges, and sprayers of different shapes and sizes alongside his handmade tools.

Aron Barath’s work is deeply rooted in the evocative sounds of Balkan folk music. Barath draws profound inspiration from the rich and diverse musical traditions of the region, infusing his practice with a unique vibrancy. With each brushstroke and gesture, Barath captures the essence of these musical genres; the canvases come alive with a dynamic fusion of colors and forms, mirroring the spirited rhythms and soulful melodies that have resonated through generations in the Balkans. 


Aron Barath (b. 1980, Novi Sad, former Yugoslavia) resides and works in Budapest, Hungary. Barath has had group and solo shows in Hungary, as well as in Warsaw, Berlin, Miami, Vienna or Dallas, TX.



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